Thoughts from the Boss – September 21, 2018

This week we’re in very sunny and hot (108°F) Palm Springs, California facilitating Utility Change & Process Week with a wonderful group of very engaged change and process improvement practitioners from utilities across the country. We have seen highs in the low 100s (it’s a dry heat) and we’re solving huge organizational problems while having tons of fun! Lots of laughter, wisdom shared, and connecting. This is absolutely and hands down my favorite part of what we do.  

The comments we’ve heard most so far is how much participants are enjoying the “smaller size” of the event. In contrast to the big association meetings – which are SO big that participants feel overwhelmed, disengaged and, well, small.  Who wants to be a small fish in a big pond?

Our events are a little different. We cap our events at 80 people. Why? With fewer people in the room, our participants get to “be a big fish in a small pond” – allowing for not just awesome engagement – it’s really an immersion – into the topic. Discussions are rich. Points of view are challenged. Our participants walk out of this room with solid solutions, connections, and confidence.  

If you’re facing big issues in your utility, how are you solving them? Are you even thinking about solving some them yet? Put our 2019 events into your budget so you can experience this deeper and more engaged learning.