Meet the Sponsor: Dana Houston Jackson, Senior Change Consultant at 1898 & Co.

Meet Dana Houston Jackson, Senior Change Consultant at 1898 & Co. This proud hashtag user #Super Bowl Winner Chiefs, Boy Scout Mom and “Tenacious Texan,” shows her clients the way forward, because “the future won’t wait.”

Meet Dana in person at the 10th Change Management for Utilities Conference, March 2nd and 3rd in St. Pete Beach, FL, where she and her associate, Collin Hayward, will share that People Change Management is not a “value-add” proposition, it is a “must have” if you want your full investment, plus gains.

Q: Name, Title, Company

A: Dana Houston Jackson, nicknamed “Tenacious Texan,” Senior Change Consultant at 1898 & Co. – the consulting arm for Burns and McDonnell recently formed because “the future won’t wait.”  Our Utility clients are all going through Technological, Security, Change Leadership, and Digital Transformations that we help make happen. You Win – We Win.

Q: Family, hometown, where you live

A: Dana “Houston” from Dallas, Texas. Proud Mom with the vanity license plate: “Boy Scout Mom;” always seeking adventure for the family. Currently living in Kansas City. I’ve slept in my Kansas City Chiefs jersey for a week. “#Super Bowl Winner Chiefs”!

Q: What product or service does your company provide for the utility industry? 

A:  Burns & McDonnell has been around since 1898 and as a 122-year old, 100% Employee-Owned company, we are dedicated to helping our clients succeed. 1898 & Co. is a new face for Burns & McDonnell’s business consulting and technology solutions. It is not a new company, but a distinct brand. 1898 is a tribute to the trailblazers who founded Burns & McDonnell in 1898 and inspired us to be the gritty innovators we are today. 1898 and Co., together with Burns & McDonnell, is capable of delivering value across the entire life cycle of an asset – whether physical or digital, from conception to construction – to drive smarter decisions, improve performance and maximize value faster and more transparently than ever.

Q: What is your experience working with (how long, what types of projects) utilities? 

A: I have worked over 15 years within the Utility industry. I started as a boots-on-ground, shovel-in-hand electrician – all 5’ 3” of me. 

Q:  What do you like to do when you’re not working? Hobbies? 

A: Boy Scouts; and I am an avid learner – always working on my next degree, certificate, or book. 

Q: Who are your role models?

A:  Andy Reid, the Head Coach of the Kansas City Chiefs is one of my role models. He knows that it is his people who make it happen. He designs the plays to take advantage of his players’ strengths and minimize their weaknesses. He personifies “competency” and “tenacity” in his career; He never gives up.

Q: What do you love about the Change Management for Utilities conference? 

A: I attend the Change Management for Utilities conference to get bright ideas, be exposed to new solutions, and make connections that can help our clients be, and do, better; Three years running, and I have never been disappointed. 

Q: As this conference is being held in St. Pete Beach, FL, what is your favorite beach or vacation spot? 

A: I lived in Clearwater for awhile during my teen years. The white sands of the Clearwater and St. Pete Beaches bring back fond memories – warm, squishy, soft sand.

Find out more about our Change Management for Utilities conference in St. Pete Beach, FL here!