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Meet The Speaker: Harsh Patel, Continuous Improvement Manager, PSEG
Meet Harsh Patel, Continuous Improvement Manager at PSEG. He is speaking on the Problems, Challenges, and Team Journey of Continuous
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Meet The Speaker: Paul Lulgjuraj of TECO Services
Meet Paul Lulgjuraj, Continuous Improvement Master Black Belt at TECO Services. Learn how he sees Innovation becoming a bigger part
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What does your utility know about change management
See What These Utilities Know About Change & Process Excellence That You Don’t
These Utilities Know Change & Process Excellence CIS upgrades. Enterprise implementations. Organizational development. Culture change. Moving from a large change
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Meet the Speaker: Aaron Borchers, VP of Transformation at NiSource
Meet the Speaker: Aaron Borchers of NiSource Aaron is speaking on NiSource’s Transformation Journey Plan at the Process Excellence for
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Happy mom Margo Rose and her two boys, change management
Meet The Speaker: Margo Rose, Former Manager of Enterprise Continuous Improvement, PG&E
Meet Margo Rose, formerly of Pacific Gas and Electric Company. Margo is presenting on The Experience of Process: Understand the
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Meet the Speaker: Megan Incollingo, Change Management Analyst, PECO
Meet Megan Incollingo of PECO. She is presenting on Initiating Change Management Across Multiple Organizations at the upcoming Change Management
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Wanting the Whole Enchilada and Herding Cats at American Electric Power
AEP has embarked on a 10-year program to drive standard work on common technology across 3 business units and 7
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How Utilities Can Lead Large-Scale Strategic Projects
As utilities take on large transformation projects (such as new CIS, enterprise system implementations, mergers), focus on change management is
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How to Build Your Roadmap to Impactful and Sustainable Process Excellence
How to Build Your Roadmap to Impactful and Sustainable Process Excellence While a substantial percentage of organizations within the Energy
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Meet the Speaker: Maryann Heil of Atmos Energy
Meet Maryann Heil of Atmos Energy. She is presenting on how to Leverage Resistance at the upcoming Change Management for
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5 Things to Know about St. Pete Beach
In February, you can count on most of North America being cold, blustery, and possibly even snow-covered. That’s why we
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