How Utilities Can Lead Large-Scale Strategic Projects

As utilities take on large transformation projects (such as new CIS, enterprise system implementations, mergers), focus on change management is critical to ensure success.

At the 6th Change Management for Utilities conference, February 26-27, 2018 in St. Pete Beach, Florida, participants kick off their experience with a half-day “Deep Dive” – a workshop to educate and lead them through an experience.

Greencastle Consulting is facilitating the Deep Dive to teach participants how to lead large-scale strategic projects. With over 20 years of leading change management projects in the Power and

Joe Crandall – Partner Greencastle Associates Consulting

Utility industry, Greencastle Consulting delivers key change management techniques – learned from the military and applied to the utility industry – for successful results. As transformational projects require the incorporation of change management methodologies with a strong project management approach, the interactive half-day session features insights on incorporating change management into every project to ensure long term success and adoption.

Celwyn Evans – Founding Partner Greencastle Associates Consulting

Participants will learn how to understand the purpose and intent of the initiative, gain leadership support for large scale projects, and keep the team on track while accomplishing transformational change. Lessons learned from other commercial industries and how they apply to the Power and Utility industry will be shared.

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