Think you’ve got a big change project? Wrap your head around this…

AEP’s Approach to Manage Multiple System Integrators and OCM

Think you’ve got a big change project? Wrap your head around this…

System integrators were eager to drive each of AEP’s multiple projects. The Change Management Lead sought consistency.

To drive standard work on common technology across 4 business units and 7 operating companies, American Electric Power embarked on a 10-year program to manage the significant change that comes with it across the enterprise. Multiple system integrators as well as niche partners are involved in the implementation of the 6 areas of focus in the program.

To further complicate that significant change, each system integrator wants to be in the driver’s seat declaring that their ‘unique approach to OCM’ is the best, their methodology for developing and delivering training is the most innovative, and they are all best suited to drive executive engagement. Or are they? What is an enterprise organizational change leader to do?

At the Change Management for Utilities conference, Lisa Imondi, the organizational change leader for the program, will share in detail the approach that AEP is taking to drive consistency across the program while balancing the unique OCM needs of each project. You’ll hear how AEP established its initial plan, how it has progressed and changed, and the results AEP expects when the project is complete. Lisa’s mission is to drive faster adoption of the changes that impact employees in the organization to increase benefit realization.

Meet Lisa Imondi in person in Palm Springs, California September 17-18, 2018 to learn how it’s happening at AEP.


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