Photos: Innovation for Utilities – Las Vegas 2017

Innovation for Utilities, October 23-24, 2017

Hard Rock Hotel, Las Vegas, NV

Leaders from utilities across North America convened for an exclusive front-row-seat on how utilities are innovating. Topics included internal innovation teams – and how they are established and governed, workforce management, performance support, and demand response to innovate inside the utility were discussed. Innovations in externally focused customer communications, design thinking, dynamic pricing, and deep discussion on electric vehicles framed upcoming challenges and opportunities for utilities.

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Innovations for Utilities Conferences Connects

Since the 1980s, utilities have worked with their business and residential customers to help them manage their load profiles. Today, the continued growth in electrified transport is providing us with a window into load management for your customers’ next new large appliance, their EV. With an almost 33% increase in load for each residential customer who purchases an EV, the danger of unmanaged charging could impact the reliability of a utilities distribution system. In this session, moderator Thor Hinckley, a technology and advanced transportation expert, along with representatives from Greenlots and EV-Box, will demonstrate the benefits of using integrated EV charger software platform with level 2 EV chargers. Greenlots provides a fully integrated charging software platform for EV chargers and EVBox has the largest installed base of charging hardware in Europe. Attendees will learn first-hand from these EV charging pioneers how they utilize the latest open standards (OCPP and Open ADR 2.0) to provide utilities with full visibility into – and better control over – the distribution system impacts from the fast-moving drive to electrification of transport.

Innovation for Utilities

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