Meet the Speaker: Megan Incollingo, Change Management Analyst, PECO

Meet Megan Incollingo of PECO.

She is presenting on Initiating Change Management Across Multiple Organizations at the upcoming Change Management for Utilities conference in St. Pete Beach, Florida.

Question: Name, title, Company
Megan Incollingo, Change Management Analyst, PECO, an Exelon Company.

Question: Family, hometown, where you live
Collegeville, Pennsylvania.

Question: Utility/Change Management experience
I’ve been working as a Change Management Consultant and Change Management Analyst at Exelon for 13 years.

Question: What do you like to do when you’re not working? Hobbies?
Traveling across the US to tour the Major League baseball parks with my family, reading and wrangling my neighborhood book club, National Parks Obsessed.

Question: Notable achievements
A: MBA, Prosci Certification.

Question: Where do you see Change Management in utilities in two years?
Continuing to move to a more consistent internal approach.

Question: What is your biggest challenge?
Bringing consistency of Change Management throughout PECO and taking it to the Corporate Environment, and getting my 10 year old to do his homework.

Question: Who are a couple of your role models (and why?)
Katherine Graham- a successful powerful woman in the 1970’s. I read her autobiography years ago and was just mesmerized by her life.

Question: What is one of your biggest goals?
Push forward.

Question: What’s the biggest misconception you run into in your role (or what people seem to think about Change Management)?
People confuse it with training or the IT change control process.


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