Come for the Conference, Stay for the Mermaid Show

Another reason to attend the Social Media for Utilities Conference in Fort Lauderdale… A live mermaid show?

Check out this show!

Located between A1A Highway and the sea, the B Ocean Resort offers a wide variety of choices to keep guests busy.  Innovative local restaurants, a world class beach, endless bars, warm pools, tantalizing nightlife, shopping, the yacht capitol of the world, and the list continues. However there is one feature only a few hotels in the world can offer…Live Mermaids!

Long before the coming and going of scantily clad co-eds on spring break, before Fort Lauderdale was crowned the Yachting Capital of the world, and before the city transformed itself into an upscale South Florida destination, there was the Yankee Clipper (now the B Ocean). The Yankee Clipper had an unusual watering hole, the Wreck Bar. Inside the Wreck Bar was (and still remains today) a live mermaid show. Featured in two movies (Analyze This and Where the Boys Are) The Wreck Bar remains unchanged for 60 years. Walking through the entrance, you are plunged into the re-imagined haul of a sunken ship surrounded by glass walls with aquariums on three sides. The largest glass behind the bar is actually the pool where the mermaids perform twice weekly. MeduSirena and her Aquaticats, some dressed in full mermaid tails and bikini tops, twirl, dive, and swim in an underwater burlesque show while guests enjoy their visit.Aquaticats at the B Ocean Wreck Bar

If you go, free shows are twice weekly Friday and Saturday 6PM. Arrive early – the bar tends to get packed before the show.



The Social Media for Utilities conference connects utility professionals with the knowledge, experience, and connections to improve your social media strategy, policy, governance and practical use.

Attend the 14th event on this topic, learn actionable advice on how to optimize your current social media channels to support your utility’s business goals with minimal time and resources. More Info

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