Building the Foundation for Continuous Improvement: Golden State Water Cracks the Code on Organizational Readiness

An incremental and targeted process improvement approach proves that base hits win the game at this utility.

Golden State Water Company – eager to build their continuous improvement strategy, had to make sure their people were ready. Resistance is a real obstacle in any organization.

All utility companies can relate to this. As the organization seeks to become more efficient with processes, people can be their biggest barrier.

How did they do it? Through consistent messaging, identifying a clear objective (or “target”), and avoiding “bleeding edge” pursuits, GSWC was able to make significant progress in its process improvement journey.

GSWC’s continuous improvement strategy is based on clearly knowing “who we are” and “where we are coming from.” Selecting process improvement projects that are in-line with its organization’s capacity for change was a guiding principle of its effort. By taking an incremental approach to project selection, its series of “quick wins” built the foundation for continuous improvement.

Because of those wins, GSWC is moving into a new phase of technology and process improvement efforts focused on improving core aspects of utility operations.

How did they REALLY do it? Meet GSWC’s Vice President of Operation, Paul Rowley, and Navigant’s Energy Director, Charles Tooman, as they share this relatable story of an incremental approach to process improvement at the 2nd Process Excellence for Utilities conference, September 19-20, 2018 in Palm Springs, California. Every utility can learn from this case study. Hear first-hand how they limited resistance to process enhancements – and in fact, experienced significant support for the efforts. Ask them about their approach, results, and see how you can apply these learnings in your utility.


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