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This week we’re in very sunny and hot (108°F) Palm Springs, California facilitating Utility Change & Process Week with a wonderful group of very engaged change and process improvement practitioners from utilities across the country. We have seen highs in the low 100s (it’s a dry heat) and we’re solving huge organizational problems while having tons of… Read more »

Meet Jennifer Ries, VP of Rates & Regulatory Affairs for Atmos Energy. Learn how she enjoys her may roles in utilities, running half marathons, and traveling the world. Meet her in person October 17-18, in San Diego at the ADVANCED: The Power Conference for Women in Utilities, where she will… Read more »

As we prepare for two conferences next week, we’re keeping an eye on Hurricane Florence as she gains strength and targets the Southeast of the U.S. I realize how wonderful it is that we work in a great industry! As thousands are evacuating the affected area, hundreds of brave women… Read more »

ROAD CLOSED In the face of disruption, how agile are you to change? I ask because a funny thing happened a few weeks ago. On August 13th, we experienced an unusual rainstorm. A big cloud parked itself over our area and dumped over seven inches of rain in less than… Read more »