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5 Things to Know about St. Pete Beach

In February, you can count on most of North America being cold, blustery, and possibly even snow-covered. That’s why we treat our attendees to a conference destination of beautiful beaches, sunny skies, and warm water.  Mark your calendar, pack your swim suit, and make plans to share stunning photos from sunny and warm St. Pete Beach, Florida. St. Pete offers many miles of stunning beaches and outdoor activities. Here are five things to consider when visiting.

St. Pete Beach is Ranked the #3 Beach in America

With 361 days of sunshine, 20 miles of  pristine white sandy shores, combined with the Gulf of Mexico’s warm waters, it’s no surprise that St. Pete Beach is ranked third best beach in America. Grab a cool beverage, a good read, and stake your spot on the beach! Your only interruption will be the occasional starfish, conch, or dolphin.

The TradeWinds Resort is a Great Place to Stay

Nestled on a peninsula between Tampa Bay and the Gulf of Mexico, this four-star resort offers an array of activities, restaurants, and accommodations. Private beach cabanas, seven pools, 14 dining options, mini golf, tennis, and your soon-to-be-favorite on-beach 200′ water slide – all included in the guest room rate. Book your room now, bring the family (or not), and get ready to play, eat, and relax in February.

St. Pete Beach Recently Changed its Name

St. Pete Beach Welcome SignIt’s not everyday that a city changes its name.  In 1994, local residents felt “St. Petersburg Beach” was just too long for their beloved beach town and voted to have the name shortened to St. Pete Beach.

88% of the City Limits is Water

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Do you love water sports, fishing, and swimming in the sea? This is the place for you! Take a kayak out on the waves, get a workout in on a stand-up paddle board , charter a fishing boat, or go big to see if you have what it takes to fly on water with a JetLev Flyer.







St. Pete Beach is One of the Top Sunsets Spots in the US

St. Petersburg/Clearwater (including St. Pete Beach) is voted the best place in America to see the sunset. The beaches of St. Pete are known for their stunning sunsets. Each evening, visitors and locals flock to the water’s edge to watch the end of the day. Grab your friends and a seat at a local beach-front watering hole to prepare for nature’s spectacular show.St Pete Beach sunset








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