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5 Ways to Maximize Your Conference Experience

Conferences are exciting and are full of opportunities; however, for a first-time attendee, it could be overwhelming. With the 5th Management for Utilities Conference coming up we would like to share the top 5 ways to maximize your conference experience.


A few days before attending the conference, take the time to assess the agenda. Determine the sessions you are really interested in and create a list of question YOU would like answered. Conferences are a great way to network, who do you want meet? Make a mental note of the people, organizations and job titles that would benefit you.



Do not decline an invitation to participate on a panel or speak at a session. These are great opportunities to improve your name recognition and widen your networking reach – don’t shy away. Moreover, do not forget your notepad and business cards. Engage in bigger conversations by following the dedicated hashtag on social media of the conference. Tag your Instagram posts and tweets, and monitor the hashtag through the conference to get a good feel for what people are talking about.


Additionally, if meeting new contacts, exchange business cards. Take your time to jot down the noticeable points of the conversation and the circumstances of the meeting. Keeping organized throughout the conference will make your follow up more efficient and effective.



After you’re back in the office, review your business card and notes and fill any extra information. Take your time to allocate this information to your database, connect with people on LinkedIn. Make sure that you prioritize the follow-up action items by the method of follow-up and importance – email, phone call, LinkedIn, handwritten note or combination thereof. Ultimately, every time reaching out, aim to plan the opportunity for extra follow-up as needed at all times.



Share what you have learned at the conference with your colleagues, both in and outside the office. You can draft a memo outlining the conference and circulate it to your colleagues or talk about it at your next meeting.



Conferences offer a unique opportunity for professionals to connect, to teach and to learn. Try to strike balance between among the three – participating on sessions and speaking on topics, with making time to network. Further, you might be tempted to avoid conversations and check emails during breaks; however, you really must spend that time meeting prospective clients and new people. You can try something fun as well: searching for a running partner or someone to practice with while you are at a conference, and do not forget to enjoy the chance to see a new place.

Now that you’re aware of the ways to maximize your conference experience, we hope to see you on the 5th Change Management For Utilities Conference in San Diego this September 25th to 26th 2017! Learn, Share, and Engage with us here at Conferences Connect.


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