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Meet the Speaker: Karen Ball of Prosci

Meet Karen Ball of Prosci. She is presenting the “Deep Dive” session at the upcoming Change Management for Utilities Conference this September in San Diego.


Q: Name, title, company?
A: Karen Ball, Solution Portfolio Manager/Prosci Master Instructor, Prosci

Karen Ball of Prosci is a Master Facilitator of your Deep Dive!

Q: Family, hometown, where you live?
A: I live in the Cincinnati, Ohio area and have 2 college-aged children.

Q: What product or service does your company provide for the utility industry?
A: Change management methodology, research, tools, training, and advisory services. Our change management research and solutions fuel our client partnerships and accelerate business results.

Q: What is  your experience working with utilities?
A: In my over 30 years of experience, I have worked with nuclear facilities, gas/electric utilities, power transmission and renewable energy providers in numerous strategic advisory roles. 

Q: What do you like to do when you’re not working? Hobbies?
A: I enjoy learning about current business topics/trends (you should see the non-fiction business content on my Kindle), digital family photo journaling, and keeping up with my kids’ interests/activities.

Q: When working with utilities, what is your biggest challenge?
A: The challenge of a historically slow pace of change in a dynamic industry due to regulation, new technology, shifts in business models, etc.

Q: If you weren’t in this role, what would your dream job be?
A: I’m in my dream job. Ask my mom, that’s what I told her!

Q: What do you love about the Change Management for Utilities conference?
A: The ability to focus on one industry and meet the needs of the participants who are there to learn and add value to their respective organizations. Also, the ability to share lessons learned with each other since participants don’t generally see each other as competitors.

Q: Since this conference is being held at the Catamaran Resort, what is your favorite beach spot?
A: Anywhere it is warm, with visibility over 50′, and tropical fish so I can scuba dive.