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  The Cannabis Industry – Its Impact on the Power Grid Join us on Thursday, September 3, 2015 for a webinar on the emerging energy demands and associated regulatory and customer service considerations from indoor agriculture including cannabis cultivation, with Lori Glauser of Signal Bay Inc. The webinar will discuss:… Read more »

Join the challenge for the chance to win a free pass to a Conferences Connect event worth $1,995.  And you can have a little competitive fun in the process. Download the Ringorang App and enter your invite code:  change It as easy as 1…2…3… 1. Download the Change Management Challenge… Read more »

Utility Program Implementer  Have You Used Ringorang®? If you have, you know that utilities are overcoming the cost of forgetting by using Ringorang’s gamified learning reinforcement with their customers and workforces. Experience for yourself how Ringorang breaks through the barriers to change by joining the upcoming challenges sponsored by Conferences Connect and utility program implementer Osceola Consulting.  You… Read more »